2021 Review

2021 was a year of solemn reckonings, difficult decisions, regrets and yet, love and hope. As we near the new year, I’m writing with a sense of humbleness and gratitude, longing for friends far and near. Here, I’m compiling a list of projects I lead or participate in, in order to recognize and thank the people who were involved.

Major projects

Visitors interacting with Black and White game pieces at the exhibition Interweaving Poetic Code
Amor Munoz’s work at the Interweaving Poetic Code, Photo courtesy of CHAT, Hong Kong

Interweaving Poetic Code, Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile, Hong Kong, S.A.R, 5.1~8.5, 2021
Artistic direction by Taeyoon Choi with Curator: Takahashi Mizuki, Artists: Aarati Akkapeddi, Andreas Angelidakis, Laura Devendorf, Christine Sun Kim, KOBAKANT, Amor Munoz, Rebirth Garments.

Interweaving Poetic Code, Photo courtesy of Art Sonje Center, Seoul, South Korea

Interweaving Poetic Code (시-코드-실), Art Sonje Center, Seoul, South Korea, 10.14~12.12, 2021
Artistic collaboration by Taeyoon Choi and Allison Parrish, Cezar Mocan, Christine Sun Kim, Companion–Platform, Cori Kresge, Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired, Everest Pipkin, Filip Wolak, Jerron Herman, Jessica Lynne, Ji Hye Chung, Jonathan Dahan, Mark Allen, Minhwi Lee, Nick Montfort, Sub9, Ye Seom Ahn, Yehwan Song and more.

garden.local at Art Space Whiteblock, Paju, South Korea, Photo by Cheolki Hong

Distributed Web of Care: garden.local, Paju, South Korea
Artist: Taeyoon Choi, Curatorial Advisor: Sung-eun Kang, Creative Producer: Jaemin Shin, Lead Technologist: Cezar Mocan, Hardware engineer: Donghoon Yi, Software engineer So Sun Park, Graphic Designer: Beomjun Kim, Onsite Assistant: Hyunseo Kim, Archive Assistant: Minhae Bak, Screen Print: SAA / Sanha Lee, Sunghun Jung, Text and Ekphrasis: Chaejung Shin, Translation and Editing: Maya West, Sound: Y2K92, Video: Sooyun Ga, Photo: Cheolki Hong.

garden.local at Art Space Whiteblock, Paju, South Korea, Photo by Cheolki Hong


Magical World of Numbers: Inverse Function, Taeyoon Choi Studio, 2021

Interweaving Poetic Code, Art Sonje Center, 2021

(Both books designed by Yena Yoo. Information about the books coming soon)

Group exhibitions

Magical World of Numbers: Invese Funtion of Light and Darkness, Photo courtsey of MMCA, Yoonjae Kim

Magical World of Numbers: Inverse Function of Light and Darkness, Catastrophe and Recovery(재난과 치유), Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, South Korea, 5.22~8.1, 2021, Catalogue
Project Coordinator: Sunho Park, Graphic Design: Yena Yoo, Screen Print: SAA / Sanha Lee, Sunghun Jung, Code: Bohyun Jung, Translation: Suhyun Choi

CCTV.LIVE Performance, Nam June Paik Art Center, Yongin, South Korea, Photo courtsey of Shaina Anand

CCTV.LIVE, CAMP After Media Promises, Nam June Paik Art Center, Yongin, South Korea, 11.25.2021~2.27.2022
Artistic collaboration with CAMP(Shaina Anand, Ashok Sukumaran) and Seoul Express(Youjin Jeon, Minki Hong)

Photo courtsey of Geyongnam Art Museum

Caring Society(돌봄사회), Gyeongnam Art Museum, Changwon-si, South Korea, 10.29.2021~2.6.2022

Unlimited Edition Seoul Art Book Fair, Platform-L, Seoul, South Korea, 11.11~11.14, 2021

Talks and workshops

Tomorrow’s Archives: Distributed Web of Care, Southland Institute, Los Angeles, USA, 1.16.2020

Distributed Web of Care, CTM Festival, Berlin, Germany, 1.18.2021

La Nuit des Idées(사유의 밤), l’Institut Français de Corée du Sud, KOTE, Seoul, South Korea, 1.28.2020
Panel: Cho Han Haejoang, Gong Jiyoung, Christopher Gaudin

Co-teachers of Creative Coding Workshop

Magical World of Numbers: Creative Coding Workshop, Iium Center, Seoul, South Korea
Co-teachers: Stuckyi Studio, Bohyun Jung, Suhyun Choi

Access Breach, Radical Visibility

Access Breach: Radical Visibility with Rebirth Garments(Sky Cubacub), CHAT, Eaton HK, 7.2.2021

Summer School of Unlearning Associates

Summer School of Unlearning, beuys on/off, Goethe Institut Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Participating Artists: Malika Umarova, Marat Raymkulov, Nargiza Ryskulova, Talgat Dzhumashev, Dariya Temirkhan, Dana Iskakova, Maya Sagym, Medina Bazargali, Hina Omukai, Saya Kunikiyo, Nozomu Matsuura, Kewserjan Irihama, Sojin Kwak, Yunji Song, Chaejung Shin
Associates: Taeyoon Choi, Jung-Yeon Ma, Gulnara Kasmalieva, Muratbek Djumaliev, Aigerim Kapar, Jaemin Shin

Panels for Poetic Emergences, CHAT, Hong Kong, S.A.R

Poetic Emergences, Discussion Forum for Interweaving Poetic Code, Keynote conversation with Alexander R. Galloway and Amy K.S. Chan. CHAT, Hong Kong, S.A.R. 4.16.2021

Careful Networks, Phoenix in partnership with BOM, Furtherfield, The Photographers’ Gallery, QUAD and Vivid Projects, the U.K.

Care & Accountability, Transformer Summit, FACT Liverpool, Transmediale (Berlin) and Waag (Amsterdam) 9.23.2021
Panel with Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico, Aris Papadopoulos

Poster design by Paul Bille and Jisung Park, Yale Graphic Design MFAs ‘23.

Taeyoon Choi: Lichenous Networks, Yale School of Art Paul Rand Lecture Series, 11.30. 2021

Print publications

Community Code: A thing, something, everything and nothing, The Community and the Algorithm: A Digital Interactive Poetics, Vernon Press, Wellington, Delaware, USA & Málaga, Spain

Equity on the Distributed Web, DEEM Journal, Issue Three, Envisioning Equity, Los Angeles, USA

Learning from Lichens, ArtAsiaPacific, Issue 126, Hong Kong, S.A.R.

Essay for Korean translation of How to do nothing by Jenny Odell, PILLOW, Seoul, South Korea

Digital publications

Distributed Web of Care: A Primer for Distributed Webs, CTM Festival, Berlin, Germany, July 2021

On Unlearning Conceptions Around Disability, Broadcast, Pioneerworks, Brooklyn, New York, 8.20. 2021

A Guide for Co-creating Access & Inclusion, Creative Independent, Brooklyn, New York, 8.20. 2021

Oddkins, Processing Community Catalog, Processing Foundation

최태윤 & 정보현, 다르게 배우는 사람을 위한 예술적 표현의 확장, 온라인 이음


Tech as Art: Supporting Artists Who Use Technology as a Creative Medium, National Endowment for the Arts, Washington D.C., USA, 6.30.2021

Nick Yu, Interweaving Poetic Code Links Textiles with Coding, Ocula, July 21, 2021, Auckland, New Zealand

e-flux, Interweaving Poetic Code

유층근, 코드가 섬유라는 물질로 재탄생한다면, Be(attitude)

And some people I worked with, or have helped me out as friends and mentors.


If you have any questions, contact studio@taeyoonchoi.com



immigrant. art. tech. learning. accessibility. inclusion. Co-founder @sfpc. fellow @datasociety. artist http://taeyoonchoi.com

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Taeyoon Choi

immigrant. art. tech. learning. accessibility. inclusion. Co-founder @sfpc. fellow @datasociety. artist http://taeyoonchoi.com