On the greatest teachers

Taeyoon Choi
2 min readJun 20, 2017


Learning to love someone is one of the most challenging task in life. Patience, to listen closely to another person, takes courage. Compassion, to share your deepest emotion, takes determination.

When your love for someone amounts greater than your self-love or fear, your world’s gravitational field shifts, axis of rotation tilts. And it never comes back.

My greatest teachers were my lovers. Only between the intimacy of lovers, we transcend the dichotomy of teaching and learning.

Coexistence. Interdependence.

July, 2016

The brightest day of my life, 8*10 in, gouache on canvas, 2017


Lately, I realized I learn so much from collaborating with other artists, engineers and activists. My collaborators are great teachers of life and art. I learn from their generosity to share ideas and skills, their willingness to address my mistakes and forgive my shortcomings, and most importantly, their honest critique of my practice. Their presence, far and near, short and long term, brings inspiration for me to continue making art and engage with different communities.

Love takes shape in many forms. Collaboration is a search for nearness with others, among those who may have nothing in common. Collaboration is a gift, an invitation for coexistence.

June, 2017

With thanks to my recent collaborators, Christine Sun Kim, Sam Hart, Sara Hendren, Alice Sheppard, Stephanie Dinkins, Julia Kaganskiy, Tega Brain, Linda Liukas, Hannah Son, Pedro G. C. Oliveira, Saerom Suh, Small Studio Semi, Center for Constitutional Justice, HAWRAF, and everyone at School for Poetic Computation.



Taeyoon Choi

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