Planning Processing Community Day

What is it?


The general theme is “convening for the first time.”

Why ‘Community’ day?


  1. Code and platform
    Core developers of Processing will share updates on the codebase and framework. Ben Fry, Casey Reas, and Lauren McCarthy will share their vision for Processing for the next five years, including foreseeable challenges and goals. Processing Foundation Fellows will showcase highlights from their research.
  2. Collaboration and community
    What is the significance of open source toolkits and communities today? These topics can be contextualized by art history references for collaborative projects and for tool makers. We will hear from esteemed scholars about Black Mountain College, Buckminster Fuller, and queerness & computing.
  3. Inclusivity and diversity
    What is the meaning of inclusivity and diversity for Processing and online communities? Johanna Hedva, director of advocacy at Processing Foundation, will organize a workshop about the best-practice strategies for cultivating online communities that forefront diversity. We will also hear from practitioners who are pushing the boundaries of accessibility on how we can use Processing to introduce computing to people with different abilities.


We need your help to realize this event. We are looking for Contributors, Activators, and Connectors!




immigrant. art. tech. learning. accessibility. inclusion. Co-founder @sfpc. fellow @datasociety. artist

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Taeyoon Choi

Taeyoon Choi

immigrant. art. tech. learning. accessibility. inclusion. Co-founder @sfpc. fellow @datasociety. artist

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